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Frequently asked Questions

Q: What if the ink isn’t exactly isn’t what I viewed online?                                                                      A: Ink colors may very depending on your computer monitor. The colors will be close, possibly varying by a shade or tint of a color. If you are interested in having a color chart sent to you please email us.

Q: Where can I print my design?                                                                                                               A: Kalts Super Customs will be able to print the design on any area of the garment, such as front and back. If there are special requests please e-mail a representatives or upload your design.

Q: Can you do an all over design?                                                                                                              A: Kalts Super Customs prints on a finished garment using a standard print press. We are unable to print on the entire garment.

Q: Can I get a Garment Sample?                                                                                                                A: Yes, we do provide a garment sample. We ask that you pay for the items at a discounted price plus $2 per item for shipping. Call 515-123-4567 for more details or to order samples.

Q: Is there a minimum order?                                                                                                                     A: Yes, we have a 5-piece minimum order for screen printing and embroidery.

Q: Are the prices on the quote system?                                                                                                     A: Yes, our prices are based on what you specify you want on your garment

Q: Are the prices on the quote system accurate?                                                                                      A: Our prices on the quote are 100% accurate

Q: How and When do I pay?                                                                                                                       A: We require 100% down before your order is placed. We do not print anything without your approval, so you get to check over everything before printed.

Q: UPS says its [X] day ship to my location, can you guarantee it will get to me by then?                     A: We wish that we had full control over UPS, but unfortunately, we do not. We do guarantee when we will give  the shipment to UPS. Sometimes UPS is delayed for various reasons.

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